So here I am, after an awesome weekend of fun and games run down and sick. Womp, womp. I haven’t been sick in FORRRREEEEVER. Seriously, since I started eating clean and drinking Green Smoothies I haven’t been sick. That’s over six months! Not a cold, not a flu, no weird sore throats nothing! Not once.

Just when i thought getting sick was a thing of the past…

I used to get sick all the time, usually once a month. It always unfolded something like this, get a sore throat, move onto the head cold, finally move past that to the sneezing. And finally, the dreaded sinus headaches.

10 Chocolate Bars

Have you ever had a sinus headache before? They’re awful. You know that game you played as a kid – 10 Chocolate Bars? No? I had older brothers so that might explain things. The game works like this, you lie down and someone knocks on your head, as if they were knocking on a front door. “Name ten chocolate bars, name ten chocolate bars, name ten chocolate bars”. They repeat saying that phrase while knocking on your forehead until you were able to name ten chocolate bars. That is what a sinus headache feels like, except it buries itself right below your eyebrow and instead of lasting the duration of the game it lasts an hour or two.

Lemon, Ginger and Turmeric Tea!

Needless to say I didn’t miss these colds! It’s October, which means boots come out the closet, but so do colds. If you feel a cold coming on, try this remedy. It’s not a smoothie, but this Lemon Ginger Tea promotes health and wellness! Good enough for me!

Soothing Tea

Health Benefits

Turmeric has long been used a natural remedy. It’s great for reducing inflammation and fighting chest infections (such as the common cold).

Ginger is a natural decongestant. Did you know ginger also can act like an antihistamine?

Not only will the Vitamin C boost your immune system, Lemons help to relieve runny nosy, sore throats and coughing.

Hopefully you don’t get sick during this cold and flu season but if you do, keep this Lemon Ginger Tea recipe in your back pocket.

PS: I never try to claim this will WOW your taste buds. It’s like the Green Detox Smoothie, it’s for your health not your mouth!