We all know by now we eat with our eyes before our taste buds. If it looks delicious, it usually is delicious.

It’s pretty very rare that something looks amazing and ends up tasting like cardboard. I’ll be the first to admit, at times some Green Smoothies come out as an off brown or hue of dark green colour. Not usually colours that scream “OMG I NEED TO TRY THAT!” This green smoothie, does scream try me! The colour reminds me of red velvet cake, and who can resist mangos?

I was really pleased with how the photo turned out. O and the smoothie is pretty delicious too ;).

Blackberry Green Smoothie

I used fresh mangos and frozen blackberries. Don’t be afraid to use frozen fruit in these smoothies! And be wary of the mint, it’s a delicious flavour but you can easily overpower the rest of the green smoothie.

Happy Blending!