The first Green Smoothie I ever had was awful. I stayed clear of Green Smoothies for a quite while after that experience. It was thick, it chunky and it was very very green.

When I finally got the courage up to try my second green smoothie it was delicious. It reminded me of an orange julius. So naturally I over did it and drank this Smoothie for nearly a month before I finally expanded my borders! Seriously, a month – it was that good. It had been a long time since I had made The Classic¬†but when I woke up this morning I had a serious craving for one. This remains one of my favourite Spinach Green Smoothies, it’s so simple yet o so tasty.

Spinach Green Smoothie

New to Green Smoothies

If you’re new to Green Smoothies this is a really good recipe to start with. If drinking your vegetables still makes you a little queasy, start with half the suggested amount of Green’s. In this case instead of 2 cups of Spinach, just use one. For more tips check out the Green Smoothies page.