I’ve noticed that rotating vegetables in your green smoothies has become a bit of a hot topic. Personally, I think it’s mostly scare tactics. I rotate my veggies but not out of fear of poisoning myself.

Rotate Greens

Oxalic Acid

The primary reason we’re being told to rotate our vegetables is because of a chemical called Oxalic Acid. It’s a defence mechanism that is found on the leaves of many plant species (including my beloved spinach). At high concentrations Oxalic Acid can be poisonous and even fatal. Kidney stones are also formed as a result of Oxalic Acid combining with calcium.

Woah, sounds scary right?

Rhubarb Pie

Did your mom ever make Rhubarb pie when you were a kid? Or maybe you make Rhubarb Pie! Mmm, now I’m craving Rhubarb Pie.

Well, we’re told not to eat Rhubarb leaves because of Oxalic Acid. Rhubarb leaves have the highest concentration of Oxalic Acid. That said, you’d have to eat approximately a kilogram of Rhubarb leaves all at once for it to be fatal. In comparison you’d need to eat almost 2kg of Spinach. To give you an idea, 1 cup of raw spinach is roughly 30g. That’s a LOT of cups of spinach.

I don’t recommend sitting down and eating 10 cups of raw Spinach, but suggesting that we should stop eating raw vegetables (yes you read that right, put down that salad! Only kidding) just doesn’t add up. There are so many health benefits associated with eating raw veggies (particularly dark leafy greens!) that I can’t imagine I’ll be stopping because we’ve discovered eating 3 lbs of Bok Choy a day for several months is harmful.

As I mentioned earlier, I DO rotate my vegetables, but it has nothing to do wirth Oxalic Acid…

Top 2 Reasons Why We Should Rotate Our Greens

    1. Health Benefits – Different veggies have a host of different health benefits. Some are particularly high in Vitamin K, while others have lots of iron or provide protein. They also have different Phytonutrients which can help keep you healthy by fighting disease.
    2. Variety – After drinking the Classic Green Smoothie for nearly a month it got a little tiresome. Switching it up will keep you on track. Experimenting with different smoothies, different super foods and different vegetables will keep it exciting. Maybe it’s just me but I get excited to try a new smoothie! They don’t always work out, but it beats the heck out of drinking the same smoothie day after day.

Veggies To Put Them In The Rotation

This list is continually growing as I get more adventurous with new greens. Greens are what make a green smoothie a green smoothie. Greens are what we’re subtly trying to disguise in order to get all the amazing health benefits out of our daily dose! If you’ve never explored anything but Spinach (I was guilty for over a month!) I seriously recommend you try some of the greens listed below. I’ve included a link to a recipe from each one.




Spinach is my favourite leafy green. I eat spinach in salads, on pizzas and more recently blended into Green Smoothies. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to keep everything running smoothly.

Try this delicious Fall Harvest Green Spinach Smoothie



Kale!If you like Spinach, chances are you’ll like Kale. Just like Spinach, Kale is fairly mild flavoured, which makes it easy to mask. The best part? Kale is loaded with iron, vitamin A,C and K and it’s great for detoxifying your body.

Try this chocolate, banana green smoothie with Kale. It sounds awful, but it tastes great :).



Rotate Your Greens: CucumberCucumbers are full of silica, a mineral which helps us with our beauty – seriously! It helps our skin retain it’s elasticity. It also bonds with a number of minerals and allows them to reach our hair and finger nails. This will strength your nails and help bring back shine to your hair.

In addition to the superficial benefits, silica helps with hormonal balance which plays a vital role in our health. Try this cucumber kiwi smoothie. Or if you’re really feeling like you want to take a big healthy step forward try this detox cucumber smoothie.


Celery for DetoxI don’t often use celery in my green smoothies. It’s pretty simple, celery contains the stringy fiber which makes it difficult to blend. That said, every few months, for a few weeks I go into full blown detox mode. Celery is one of the most alkaline foods and thus, when I’m detoxing (trying to restore my natural PH levels and removing heavy metals) I’ll use this Detox Green Smoothie. It doesn’t taste good, but it works!

Chard – Coming Soon

Arugala – Coming Soon

Romaine Lettuce – Coming Soon