I know, Chocolate and Kale does not sound appealing! You’ll have to trust me on this one, it’s delish.

Boost of Protein

I’ll usually whip one of these up first thing in the morning and drink it after a workout. I use a to-go smoothie container which is super handy. This smoothie is packed with 15g of protein that’ll get you kicked started after a hard workout.

I also find that this Smoothie is great when you find you’re in a Green Smoothie rut. It’s not a traditional berry or citrus flavoured green smoothie. For me it’s really important to keep it exploring and discovering new flavours and combinations to keep things fresh!

Chocolate Kale Smooth


1 1/2 Cups Almond Milk

2 tbsp hemp seeds

1-2 tsp Cocoa Powder (Add more for taste!)

1 Banana (Or Avocado)

1 Cup Kale


Blend the Kale, Hemp Seeds with a small amount of almond milk.

Add the remaining ingredients and blend

For those who don’t like Banana’s or are all Banana’d out try using an Avocado instead. Avocado will give you the same texture as a banana but a different taste profile.