Dunkin Donuts 400 Calorie Breakfast Sandwich


Dunkin’ Donuts “It’s Under 400 Calories”

A few days ago I was tuned into a Detroit TV channel cuddled  in a warm blanket sipping mint green tea while taking in my newest guilty pleasure, “The Good Wife”. Come on, Alicia Florrik is one fierce and beautiful lawyer.

Seriously though, if I can look half as good as Julianna Margulies when I’m on the cusp of fifty,I’ll be ecstatic (minus all of the botox, of course). Besides being a bomb shell, she is super fit –  if I am as toned as her, it’ll probably have a lot to do with my eating habits between now and then.

Canada as a whole tends to adopt a huge portion of our southern neighbors’ trends and habits – for better or worse! A short while ago we were visiting family in Rye, New York- what a treat it was! Oh, let me tell you, located just South West of Conneticut, it is a swanky place peppered with country clubs and mansions sprawling through a beautiful landscape.

It was in Rye that I stumbled upon my very first full blown juicing bar. Trust me, I don’t mean sorbet filled, frozen yogurt packed, smoothies from Booster Juice – I mean the Chlorella, Spirulina, Wheatgrass kind of juice. The place was completely packed and featured countless healthy options, such as, quinoa, salads and freshly squeezed green juice!

Unlike Canada, juicing is no longer a small niche; it’s a pretty substantial industry. So, it didn’t surprise me when a Dunkin’ Donuts ad, the Tim Hortons of America, appeared on the TV set featuring the green good stuff.

If you refuse to watch a Dunkin’ Donuts ad, I’m not going to hold that against you. “America Runs on Dunkin” Yesh, no thanks.

Basically, the gist of the commercial is you can either choose between a manly breakfast sandwich from Dunkin Donuts or an awful tasting mixture of grass and water. The kicker? Both are under 400 calories. Blah, blah, blah…

So It’s Under 400 Calories Who Cares?

It’s a clever commercial, I’ll give them that, hesitantly. It plays on the latest trend in health, juicing, and pits it against a chemically infused, genetically altered sandwich implying you can either have this or that. No brainer? Mhmmm.

Aside from the issues with strictly counting calories, they could’ve replaced that green juice with a glass of water and still stated “It’s Under 400 Calories”. I don’t need to whip out my Spirulina powder to tell you, that the grass juice featured in the commercial is nowhere near 400 calories.

But let’s discuss the bigger problem.

If I want to look like Julianna Margulies when I’m 50 (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) devouring 400 calorie Turkey Breakfast Sandwiches from Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t going to get me there. This is not because of the calories, but because a calorie is a calorie except when it’s not.

Not All Calories Are Equal

I was first introduced to this idea by Jonathan Bailor – author of the Calorie Myth. Simply put, his philosophy is that calories in versus calories out is an outdated way to lose weight. Nutrition is what counts, not calories. I haven’t actually gotten around to reading the book (it’s on the agenda, I swear!), but I’ve listened to a large number of his podcasts (that counts!), which are fantastic.

While I’m not as quick to dismiss calories all together as Bailor is, I prefer to use this formula for optimal health and weight loss.

Health = Nutrients / Calories

The Problem Isn’t an Excessive Amount of Calories, It’s a lack of nutrients.

When I was beginning my journey back to health, I started my efforts by following a Paleo diet (not just for cavemen, apparently!) with an emphasis on veggies. At the time I didn’t really understand what I was doing, but by replacing the easy meals, packaged and processed foods, with real food I was able to greatly increase the amount of nutrients I was receiving. Believe me, I wasn’t “starving myself”.

In turn, I expelled a high volume of toxins that had been built up over the better course of two decades and I started to feel better and look fab! I was more vibrant, brighter even, I had more energy and  I lost weight to boot.

I know lots of people use food journals to track their intake, however, that’s just not me. I didn’t sit down and scribble in a  journal and say, okay, this piece of salmon was 400 calories, the salad was 150 calories. The checks and balances were created by eliminating Turkey Breakfast Sandwiches from Dunkin’ Donuts which didn’t nourish my body. The result? A healthier, happier , more fabulous me.

Final Sip

Dunkin’ Donuts gave me a friendly reminder of how far along we’ve come. Who would’ve suspected they would be featuring green juice in their ads even five years ago? The usage of green juice is no coincidence.

Thank you Dunkin Donuts, thank you.

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