One of the questions I get asked a lot is “when do you drink your smoothie? Is it a meal replacement?”

The short answers to those questions are: in the morning, at a lunch. And sort of. Green Smoothies have become an important part of my morning routine. If you’re serious about your health and weight loss it all starts in the morning.

My Morning Routine – 3 Rituals

Everyday is different, different challenges, different tasks, different outfits and different moods. What I try to keep consistent is the way I start it off.

1. Warm Lemon Water

Lemon water for my morning routine

The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a large cup of room temperature lemon water. Why room temperature? It’s slightly easier for your body to absorb.

The only time I drink cold water is while I’m working out because it helps to keep your core temperature lower.

Drinking water on empty stomach improves your ability to absorb nutrients, which is why I make this the FIRST thing I do. The lemon will help to balance your pH levels. It also aids with digestion and detoxification of the liver. Basically, it’s a pretty rockin’ way to start your day.

I don’t do anything else until I’m done that glass of lemon water. (It might just be an excuse to wear my PJ’s for a littttle longer)

2. No-Oats-Meal

Once my I pry my eyelids open and drink my lemon water I move onto the No-Oats-Meal. I’m writing a post about Homemade Almond Milk and in that post you will be able find a recipe of “No-Oats-Meal”. It’s honestly, an amazing way to fuel up in the morning.

3. Green Smoothie or Organic Spirulina Powder

An hour later I’ll get some healthy green’s in me. I’ll take my green smoothie and/or my spirulina drink with me in a travel mug.

If I’m detoxing I’ll have a Green Smoothie and a glass of water with Organic Spirulina Powder.

Organic Sprinulina Powder

Fair warning this stuff tastes like algae. There, I told you, you can’t get mad at me when you drink it and go “Blahh! this stuff tastes just like algae”. Just remember, chocolate is for your taste buds, spirulina powder is for your health.

If I’m not detoxing, but I’m in a serious rush I’ll elect for the Spirulina Powder. If I have a little more time I’ll whip up a green smoothie. Right now, I’m loving me some pineapple flavored green smoothies.

Spirulina is an incredible way to boost your health. It’s has a surprising amount of protein in it! Not to mention antioxidants vitamins and minerals.

Final Sip

Once I get my No-Oats-Meal and Green Smoothie (or Spirulina Drink) in me I’m ready to take on the day. The No-Oats-Meal is a combination of nuts, seeds and superfoods which is heavy in protein and fiber. Protein and fiber will help promote satiety, which means you won’t get mid morning hunger pangs.

I drink a cup of coffee at some point in the morning, because, well I really like coffee?

If you’re serious about taking control of your health, make a morning routine. It doesn’t have to look exactly like mine, but make sure it’s nutrient dense and includes some form of vegetable. I know, veggies for breakfast. Sounds crah-azy!

Skip the breakfast sandwich or the sugary cereal! You’ll thank yourself later in the day when you find yourself brimming with energy!