I didn’t ask for much over the holidays, a pair of sweatpants, a comfy hoodie and a pair of PJs. Yesh, I sound like a slob.

The only thing that I really wanted was a new Blender, a Blendtec or a Vitamix to be more accurate. I’ve done a lot of research on both products and would’ve been very comfortable buying either of them. It may seem like a lot of money (and trust me it was) but I run a site dedicated to Green Smoothies. How could I NOT own Blendtec or Vitamix?

So Why Blendtec?

It came down to price – I don’t exactly have a lot of extra moola lying around. So when my options were a $279 Blendtec or a $450 Vitamix it was a no-brainer. They both had terrific reviews, promising extra creamy smoothies (my main concern here!) and came with seven year warranties.

After much deliberation I ended up buying a refurbished Blendtec in black (I should’ve got red right?).

My Experience to Date:

I ordered it on Jan 4th and it showed up on Jan 9th. Not bad considering the 4th was a Saturday! The only surprise it came with was a $25 fee for GST – so if you’re ordering a Blender from Blendtec and live in Canada expect this nice surprise. It’s probably more if you’re in a province with HST as well.

Okay, okay I get it you don’t care about the details of HOW it got here! You want to know, how amazing it’s been.

Seriously amazing. Thats how. Alright, I’ll give you a little more than that.

The Kitchen Minimalist

I’ve been doing healthy on a budget – this means lots of creativity, lots of cooking, lots of bulk purchases, lots of shopping on amazon and lots of Costco runs.

My kitchen follows the same philosophy: less is usually more. I own a food processor (which I could probably get rid of thanks to my new purchase), a new fancy blender, a few sharp knives, a few good pans, a stock pot and a few cutting boards. That’s pretty much it.

The beauty of owning a nice blender is it allows you to get away with even less. My food processor, once a regular in the rotation has been regulated to making no-oats-meal. I could feasibly do-away with my stock pot (I won’t I love making HUGE batches of soup and chilli).

So far to date I’ve made the following

This delicious 5 recipe baby carrot soup from thestonesoup.com. I made a small batch of this, and I plan on doubling that recipe – it’s seriously delicious and so easy. The only thing I added was garlic because I lurve me some garlic.

If you’re looking for minimalist, healthy cooking check out Jules site.

I made this detoxifyin’ green smoothie along with countless others. I got it on the 9th and I do a smoothie a day so today will be my fifth.

I’m still pleasantly surprised every time I whip up a smoothie. Add ingredients, click the “smoothie” button and little rock! The small berry seeds, chai seeds and hemp hearts never actually blended in my old blender. With the Blendtec everything comes out smooth and a little frothier as well.

The only complaint I can make about this blender is that when it gets going on the higher speeds it seems like the jar is going to come off the base. It RATTLES around.  Of course it never actually has.

I’ve also made this caesar salad recipe from mountainmamacooks. Baked chickpeas instead of croutons – simply brilliant. I whipped up a batch of the salad dressing in no time with my new toy.

Final Sip

I guess what I’m trying to say is I can’t recommend a Blendtec enough. I know they’re expensive (it took ME a smoothie nut over a year to finally buy one) but boy are they ever worth it. Truthfully my only regret is I didn’t do it sooner.