Green Smoothie Challenge Poster

What is a Green Smoothie Challenge?

A green smoothie challenge is a wellness program that is as simple as drinking a delicious smoothie everyday for 30 days. The aim is to change your lifestyle, not put you on a crash diet.  We’ll setup a support page on Facebook, provide the recipes and provide inspiration! The course is 100% free, our next challenge starts in November – sign up at the bottom.

Why Should You Take Part in a Green Smoothie Challenge?

For your health! Seriously, it’s that simple, we guarantee you’ll feel healthier, look better and have more energy. Green smoothies aren’t a fad that’s going to pass, people everywhere are realizing that they are incredibly easy to make, delicious and best of all they’re exceptionally healthy. Green smoothies are the new Fast Food, without the grease, the fat and the associated health problems. It’s the easiest way to consume massive amounts of nutrient rich vegetables without it feeling like a chore.

Why Our Program?

The first thing I will say is I encourage you to sign up for any Green Smoothie Challenge! That said, our green smoothie challenge program was developed by an ironman and a holistic nutritionist. We have specifically designed the program and the recipes to try and maximize the health benefits. Relative to other challenge providers we are small, and as such our private Facebook group will be more intimate and you’ll have greater access to the program designers and coaches.

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