Green Smoothie Challenge FAQ

Can I only drink green smoothies during the challenge?

All we’ll be asking you do is drink one green smoothie daily. We find starting our day with a green smoothie is an awesome way to kick off the day. If your schedule doesn’t permit that, feel free to have your smoothie later in the day.


What should I eat during a challenge?

I personally follow a paleo-based diet. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and nuts. I’ll also usually have a meat for dinner. You’ll see the best results eating whole foods. This means avoiding processed food including sugars and artificial flavors.


What Smoothies Do I Drink?

Prior to the challenge starting we will be sending an e-mail with smoothie recipes and a weekly shopping list.  You’ll get two emails per week for the duration of the challenge! The goal is to make the challenge easy and enjoyable.

If you want more green smoothie recipes keep your eye out for our Green Smoothie Recipe e-book. It has 50 recipes and a ton of other related information. We will be releasing this prior to start of the challenge.


How do I get the Recipes?

The recipes will be sent to your inbox weekly. If you changed your e-mail address re-subscribe with your latest e-mail address. This will ensure you don’t miss a beat!


 I signed up but haven’t gotten an e-mail yet

If you’ve signed up for the challenge you should have gotten a welcome e-mail containing a link to the Green Smoothie 101 recipe booklet.


If you didn’t receive this email take the following steps:

1) Check your junk folder

2) If you’re using g-mail see if it’s under the “promotions” tab.

3) Sign up for the challenge again, using the email that you use to sign into facebook.

Sign up again here:


How many calories are there in a green smoothie?

If you’re counting calories, I would suggest re-thinking this method altogether. You’ll find that eating and drinking high quality, nutrition packed food will leave you feeling full longer. Your body will be nourished

Green smoothies are generally low in calories. Most of the recipes we have posted are “beginners” recipes, meaning they contain 2 parts fruit to 1 part veggies.

The green veggies are very low in calories, so if you’re keen to reduce calories, you’ll want to move on to “advanced green smoothies”, which means using less fruit.

For nutritional information (including calories) you can check out


One of the leafy greens isn’t available. What should I use?

If chard is out of season swap it with another leafy green. A safe bet is usually spinach because it doesn’t have a very strong taste. Any leafy green will work but some of them have a very distinct taste profile, so be careful when you’re swapping greens out.


Should I use Frozen or Fresh Fruit?

You can use either. It’s tough to beat locally grown organic fruit but there are a lot of reasons why this may not be possible. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a big bag of frozen berries (or mangos) from the grocery store. They’re still packed with nutrition!


What kind of blender do I need?

Any blender will do! Keep in mind a high-speed blender will give you better results in terms of consistency but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a cheaper blender work. You can check out this article for more information on the different blenders.

Here’s a tip: when using smaller / weaker blenders, use a 2 stage process.

1) Try blending your greens with your liquid base first, for 30 – 60 seconds.

2) Once that is smooth, add the remaining ingredients and blend again.


I can’t find hemp hearts (chia seeds, spirulina powder or any other superfood).

Some of the super foods are difficult to find, which is why we use amazon. It’s hard to beat the convenience, and the price is comparable if not better than trying to buy it from your local grocery or health food store.

Amazon is a great bet. Otherwise, head to your local health food store.


How Many Servings Do The Smoothies Make?

Our recipes make 2 servings.

If you plan on replacing breakfast with a green smoothie, we suggest having the first serving for breakfast and then drinking the second serving as a mid-morning snack.

Otherwise, you can cut the recipe in half if you find it’s making too much.


Can I store the smoothies. 

We don’t suggest saving a smoothie for more then 24 hours. Try drinking one serving in the morning and one later in the day. Make sure you give the second serving a stir before you drink it.


I’m allergic / can’t stand bananas (avocados, almond milk, etc.) 

Almost all of the ingredients can be substituted for a similar ingredient. The liquid bases like almond milk can be switched for coconut milk

Water can be used in place of green tea.

All of the leafy greens can be changed easily as well.

Most fruit is easy to switch as well. If you don’t like peaches use oranges instead.


How Do I avoid leafy chunks

Using a high-speed blender like a Blendtec or Vitamix is the best surefire way to get rid of small chunks. If you can’t afford an expensive blender try blending the vegetables with a small amount of liquid before adding the other ingredients.

This applies to all ingredients that don’t break down very well.


My budget is tight can I still participate?

Absolutely! Even on a tight budget you can still participate. Here are some ways to cut down on the cost.

  • Buy frozen fruit at Costco or Sams Club
  • Shop at the farmers market and buy in-season fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid the supercharged foods. These foods are awesome for you and if you can find a way to afford it I can’t recommend them enough. Hemp hearts and chai seeds are examples of super foods that you can cut out if absolutely necessary.
  • Use water instead of other liquid bases. The smoothies may not be AS delicious if you swap water for coconut milk but it’ll save money. The most important thing to remember is we are trying to add more vegetables to our diet.
  • Purchase cheaper vegetables. Spinach and romaine lettuce are both relatively inexpensive and available year round. If a recipe calls for a more expensive leafy green swap in spinach or lettuce.
  • Purchase the super foods through amazon as opposed to local organic stores.
  • Check out the dirty dozen to see which fruits and veggies you should buy organically and which ones not to. If you can afford to buy organic food that’s the best but it’s not essential!


Is this program for weight loss?

This program is designed to increase your overall health. Weight loss is just one benefit that many people receive from drinking green smoothies. Replacing an unhealthy snack or meal with a green smoothie will certainly help with weight loss.

However, weight loss is rooted in long term, sustainable change. The green smoothie challenge is designed as one, easily achievable step towards better health.

If you struggle with weight, the program will likely help, but further sustainable changes must be made.

Look out for our 21 day cleanse.


What other benefits can I expect?

Aside from weight loss, here are some of the other benefits

  • Increased energy
  • Better skin
  • Improved mood
  • Fewer cravings
  • Boost your immunity system
  • It promotes other healthy lifestyle changes


Is there a place to ask questions and share additional information?

Yes! Every challenge we create a seperate facebook group. This is a great place to ask questions, share your success stories and chat with others participating in the green smoothie challenge. Follow this link.


I haven’t received any e-mails

Assuming you’ve signed up (you can do so here) you should have received a welcome e-mail. If you can’t find it check your spam box. If you use g-mail check your promotions tab. Still can’t find it? You can three options

  • Try signing up again (use this link)
  • Send me an e-mail and we’ll work through it together
  • Join the Facebook group (here) and leave us a message


I’ve heard a lot about raw vegetables potentially being dangerous. Can you talk about that?

You bet! You can read more about oxalic acid here. The short version is we will rotate our greens and the levels of oxalic acid you’ll be exposed to will be incredibly small.

An extremely small percentage of people have issues with oxalic acid, and consuming a handful of spinach each day is very unlikely to do anything but help improve your health.

With any new food plan there are always critics and green smoothies are no different. We’ve been eating salads and green smoothies for a while now and have only seen positive results.

If it is something that concerns you I strongly suggest you do your own research and decide if the program is right for you.


I’m looking for more smoothie recipes

If you’re a smoothie lover who can’t get enough recipe idea stay tuned for our e-book. We’ll be releasing it prior to the challenge and it’ll be jammed full of information and smoothie recipes (50 in all).

If you’re just looking for a few more varieties check out for more recipe ideas!


I did a previous challenge, do the recipes change?

We are always coming up with new recipes, but most of the challenge will be the same.

However, if you found that doing the challenge with the group helped you to commit, please join again! We’d love it!


I’ve heard green smoothies can make you sick. Is that true?

If you haven’t been consuming a lot of fruits and veggies in your life, adding them in can cause your body to “detox”

A lot of the ingredients help to remove unwanted toxins from your bloodstream. This detoxifying process can be uncomfortable for a few days, resulting in moodiness, energy lows, etc. Read more about detox here. (Future link)

If you’re looking for more information I’d recommend joining our Facebook group and asking Erika, our holistic nutritionist.


I want to add protein powder to my green smoothies. Do you have any suggestions? 

I personally use Vega One protein powder. It’s a plant-based product, which doesn’t have any lactose, gluten or soy. It’s also free of sweeteners, artificial flavours and sugar – a big plus in my books.

It comes in a variety of flavours, I personally have used the berry flavour.


Why don’t you use soy milk?

Soy can wreck havoc on your thyroid and it contains phytoestrogens. These are plant based substances that are similar to estrogen and can have adverse impacts on both men and women.

Soy is also one of the major crops that is likely to be GMO. Generally, we avoid soy.


Can I freeze almond milk or coconut milk?

We don’t suggest freezing coconut milk or almond milk because it doesn’t usually produce very good results. Feel free to give it a try, but I’ve had no success with it in the past.