Avocado in Green Smoothies

Avocados are perfect for smoothies because of they are loaded with health benefits, have a creamy texture and subtle yet delicious flavours. If you’ve never blended an avocado into a smoothie you’re missing out!

Avocado Health Benefits

Nutritional Benefits

Carotenoids – Avocados are loaded with carotenoids which help bolster your immune system. Carotenoids stimulates the production of white blood cells which in turn help fight bacteria, cancer and viruses. Not only do avocado’s contain them, they also help your body absurd them from other sources such as carrots or spinach.

High in fibre – Avocados are full of both soluble and insoluble fibre which can help with weight lose and will remove toxins from your body

Monounsaturated fat found in avocados reduces blood sugar levels which reduces the risk of heart disease.

The fat in avocados also slows down digestion. Slowing digestion will give you a feeling of fullness longer which helps with weight control.


Combines Well With

Everything. No seriously, avocados combine really nicely with mangos, spinach, kale, apples, bananas, almond butter. Wait, What? Okay, it doesn’t combine well with almond butter, at least not to my knowledge. But it does combine very nicely with most things, it’s a perfect base because of it’s creaminess and the level of flavour is such that it can either be prominent or dominated. In a mango avocado smoothie, the avocado will hide behind the mango, whereas in a spinach avocado smoothie it’s notes and flavours will be very obvious.


Selecting and Storing Avocados

Avocados are unique because they don’t ripen on the tree. They’ll grow to maturity but they will never soften until after they’ve been picked. You’ll want to select avocados that are hard, this will allow you to control the ripening process. Once the fruit is edible you’ll only have a few days before it starts to develop brown spots and sunken areas. Once this has occurred the avocado has begun to develop free radicals and shouldn’t be eaten.

Storing avocados in the fridge will delay the ripening process by a few days, if you find you have too many avocados I would suggest one of two things – drink a lot of avocado smoothies or put them in the fridge. Avoid keeping an avocado in the fridge for more than a day or two, the fruit won’t ripen but eventually it will rot. If you want the avocado to ripen quicker, place it in a paper (not plastic) bag.

If you only use half of the avocado leave the pit in and sprinkle it with either lemon or lime juice, this will reduce the amount of browning. If you’re making guacamole keep the pits and store them in the bowl or container.


Avocado Smoothie Recipe

We’re hard at work over here, creating smoothies in our lab (read, kitchen), photographing and working away on our first free green smoothie challenge¬†(I’d love it if you joined us – see below!). In the meantime here’s a quick scrumptious avocado smoothie recipe.


1/2 cup full fat coconut milk

1 mango cubed or 1 cup frozen mangos

1/2 avocado, sliced

3 tablespoons lime juice

1/2 banana (optional)

1 tbsp Chai Seeds or Hulled Hemp Hearts (optional)

1 tbsp honey or pure maple syrup

1 cup ice

1/2 cup of water